5 Awesome WordPress Tips For Beginners

I remember when I started using WordPress it was a tad over whelming. I overlooked a lot on my first website. So here’s a few WordPress tips for those of you starting out that will help you with your build.

1) Stay Up-to-Date

Probably a day or two after you install your WP site you will get an update notice.  You are going to get a lot of these so make sure to take the time and keep up with your updates. Don’t ignore them.

The first reason is to keep functionality and compatibility with your site. If you let the WordPress updates go for to long you will start to see things break. For example you may find your slider stops working or your site won’t load at all.

The other reason is for security. A lot of the updates are fixing bugs or anything that might exploit your site and leave it venerable. A really great plugin you should download right away is Wordfence. Hacking WP sites has become a bit of a sport and outdated plug-ins is an easy back door.


2) Clean Those Permalinks

Permalinks are the url link on your page. Keeping them organized, short and to the point will help with your ranking in Google and improve search results. Try and keep to the key words of what your page is about.

You can create or fix links under Settings – Permalinks

3) Does It Look Good On Mobile

When picking a theme and designing your overall website keep in mind that majority of people on the internet are using a mobile device. So keep test out your site and make sure its easy to understand and is an overall great experience for your user. A quick way you can do this is size your web browser small like a phone and see what it does.  If it adjusts to this you have a responsive site.

4) Take Advantage Of Your Photos

Another awesome tip is when you upload a photo on your webpage, make sure to fill out the description with keywords about your site and posts. This will really help the discoverability of your site.  Also, not everyone uses a visual device like a laptop or phone.  The visually impaired will use a reader device, and a good description of the photo will help  further express what your post or page is about.

5) Build Your Site With Visitors In Mind

And finally my favourite most important tip is keep your visitor or end-user in mind. Keep your site simple. Does your website help the visitor or confuse them. Is your landing page clean and express what the overall point is of your site? If not change it.  Try the 5 second rule.  Stare at the landing page for 5 seconds and then look away.  Can you answer the who what where when why? Is it clear who the site is for and what the site is about.

Keep checking in and I’ll keep posting WordPress Tips for beginners. In the mean time check out some other blogs I have posted here. Or visit my personal website at nickiden.com The best part about wordpress is that there’s a lot of room to play around and try new things.