How To Make A Band Website With WordPress

I’m really excited to be writing a blog about creating your bands webpage using WordPress. The reason why is because years ago I needed a band website  and discovered this amazing platform called WordPress.  You can literally create any kind of site using WP and best part is there are so many plugins and themes that are free.  You can create a storefront, stream music, start a subscription site for your fans….the sky is the limit.

Anyways here is a few tips to help you make a killer band website.

 1) How To Make A Band Website With WordPress-Plan Your Website

This goes without saying. Like everything you do as a band take some time and really plan out what you want out of your website. Are you looking to create a storefront for your band to sell merch online? Do you want to list your tour dates? Make a list of must haves on your site and maybe even create a website matrix of some kind to get an idea how your fans are going to navigate your website.

If you need ideas you can google some of your favourite bands to see what they are doing. If you go to you can check out different themes and demos to get an idea what you can do. You will be surprised. Now most of the themes at themeforest are premium sites but there a thousand free sites. Just google best free WordPress themes and you will be in theme heaven.

2) Collect Your Content

vintage playground band wordpress siteNow that we have a solid plan and website outline it’s time to gather content for your site. This means you will need text, bios, photos, album art etc…. The best thing to do is gather all of this before you start your build. If you are doing photos I recommend doing a professional shoot specifically for your site. This will create a sense of continuity throughout WordPress site.

As for text make sure you have all the written content proofed and if you want to get a little fancy, do a bit of research on keywords people are using. Placing these on your pages might get you a bit of extra traffic. Just don’t go to crazy with it. It’s about creating a website that your fans will love and come back to. When it comes to your band bio keep it simple and to the point 2 to 3 paragraphs max.

3) Get Your Domain and Hosting

Now were ready to start your build. To do this you are going to need two things. A domain and a hosting service. These are really easy to get, for your domain you can go to .  You can do a search to see what’s available. Try and get a name you will be using across all your social medias. This way if someone does a search in google, all your online presence will go to the top of the search.

A really good tip is download a app called honey for your web browser. This app will tell you automatically if any commerce site is having any deals. So use it when buying a domain or hosting through Godaddy. You can save a ton of money.

As for WordPress hosting there are many options. Depending on what you need and your skill set most hosting services will set up your account with a fresh WordPress installed. Here are we will do that with no extra charge if you like. We send you the link, log in and password and you can get right to work no extra charge.

To find out more visit our hosting price page.

4) Install WordPress, Themes and Plugins

There’s a couple of ways you can install your WordPress file. If you are being hosted through Skiltec we can install it for you. However, you can use Fantastico in Cpanel or Sentastico in Sentora. This software will take you through the process in about 5 minutes. Once you follow the steps you can log into your site by typing your domain/login or

The main panel in WordPress is pretty straight forward. To install your theme you can go to Appearance – Themes – Add New. Here you can scroll through a bunch of free themes, demo them and install. Or you can install a wp-zip file if you purchased one. Just install and activate.

WordPress backend image

At this point you may want to add a few plugins. Click on the plugins menu on the side. Here you can search for new plug-ins. Plug ins I recommend is Wordfence for security and Jetpack to help with managing. Depending if you want to sell your music through your site you can install Woo-commerce as well.

How To Make A Band Website With WordPress Conclusion

So after you have all your plugins installed you are ready to add your pages. Just a couple of side notes. WordPress uses pages to create static pages like your home page and posts for things like blog posts or weekly updates.  I recommend using posts to create blog content for your site and keep your audience up to date on what is happening with your band.

Also many themes have demos you can install that you can use as a template. I recommend using a demo of the theme if you are new to WordPress.  This will give you an idea of the layout. I like to use the demo just to maximize everything the theme can do. Just drag and drop your band photos on the photos from the theme and you will be well on your way. I hope this helps you a bit more on how to make a band website with WordPress.